About us

What's Salyte, and Where Did it Come From?

I’m sure you are all wondering, what in the world is Salyte? Well, the word Salyte originated from mixture of the words “salt” and “light”. Matthew chapter 5 verses 13 to 16 speaks about us believers being the salt and the light of this world. Salt changes whatever it touches and no matter how great the darkness is if there is light it will be seen. In other words, Christ has called us be to world changes, to impact wherever we are at all times. And it is so that all can see the Glory our Lord and in turn glorify Him.

Salyte is not just a brand, it is an ongoing movement, a lifestyle. As a movement we believe that we can be agents of change. Change that will spread like a fire, fire of the Good news so that all can experience Jesus Christ. We have been empowered to empower you to share Gods good news one T-Shirt at a time.  We are Salt, We are Light, We are Salyte!